Welcome to 365 Abundant Living


  • If you want an easy and fun way to live a life of bliss, then 365 Abundant Living is for you.
  • If you want to be part of an awesome community of spiritual minded running buddies who share your values, then 365 Abundant Living is for you.
  • If you want to feel joyful, supported and inspired every day — 365 Abundant Living is for you.

I’m inviting you to my private facebook group

365 Abundant Living Challenge. 😘

Did you know that self healing and self love lead to better health, wealth, love, joy, happiness, peace and success? 

Well I’m here to tell you that it does!

I share my story with you in hopes of you having the courage to one day share your story with others.

Over the next 365 days you will learn how to love on yourself, change your dietary lifestyle and build better relationships. All while creating the Abundant Life you desire .

This private facebook group is for like mind and spirit individuals that want to do their internal spiritual work for external manifestations.

*** This is a safe space where you can share your revelations and

a-ha-moments without fear of judgement or condemnation.***

We are here to encourage and empower each other on our transformational journey.

Click the link below👇🏼 to join 💕