Hey AGoddess, your sea moss hair cream is really working well for me. It's filling out my edges and my hair is getting thicker. No more crunchy hair. Thank you love.

Melody Parker, Chicago Il.

Hi AGoddess, your resurrection sea moss hair cream really moisturizes and soften my hair. I love it! I had to stop using my former products in order to give this an accurate account. I will definitely be reordering and sharing your products with others.  Perhaps I can become a distributor for you in the Detroit area. 

Yvonne Dean, Detroit MI.

I absolutely love the Restoration detox mask for my scalp and hair. It made my scalp feel refreshed and clean.

Brandy Moore, Seattle WA.

The Blessed Oil is absolutely amazing. I love how it nourishes my scalp and hair. I love the relaxing scent. I can tell a difference after only 3 weeks, my hair is definitely thicker and softer.

Ginger Parker, Phoenix AZ.