Are you looking for something Inspirational and Motivational to help you as you navigate through this particular experience in life?

Are you looking for the perfect gift to help Encourage or Empower someone else?

If so, you're at the right place! Here is something that will speak to your heart and help you “Keep On Keepin’ On!

The “I Am Victorious” Collection was created for the Beautiful Souls diagnosed with cancer.


I gave birth to this creation after my sister, my best friend, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This experience was to say the least, shocking and heartbreaking to our family. After we processed the news, my skills as a Life Coach kicked in and I went into Life-Coach survival mode. Not just for my sister but myself and the entire family!

After a conversation with another one of my sisters, I asked her if she would help me create something for our diagnosed sister that would LIFT her Spirit and keep her reminded of the internal power she possesses. This is when the “I AM VICTORIOUS” affirmation thoughts begin to come forth. I was gently reminded by the Holy Spirit of the POWER OF I AM! It is important to stay in the mindset of Victory vs. Victim! 

This can be challenging when so much is going on mentally and physically and time is of the essence when decisions have to be made. But in those moments when you are able to get alone and still the mind, then you’re able to focus on who you truly are. You are not the dis-ease on the x-ray, you are not the statistics they’re quoting or the stage they’re trying to categorize you in. You MUST and you CAN begin to transcend the myriad of thoughts and conversations that will bombard you! 

This is not easy by any means, but we are reminded that we are as the Psalmist stated so eloquently, “We are fearfully (reverently) and wonderfully made”. The power that created us is also able to HEAL us.

We Are Powerful Beyond Measure! Now is the time to be reminded of this and to walk out the Victory that is destined for you!

Our desire is for the “I Am Victorious” Collection to be Colorful, Inspiring and Empowering to all who journey through the “c” experience. We want to help you turn this into the big “C” experience, which is ultimately the “CHRIST” experience of living life more abundantly!


Every month we donate a Victory Box to help Inspire and Encourage women on their journey.

Please help us sponsor women as they walk VICTORIOUSLY on this path to greater health, healing and wholeness. The price of a Victory Box is $300.00. We are asking everyone to sign up for the monthly subscription to ensure more boxes go out. If you know of someone on their journey and would like us to add them to our list of recipients , please email me at [email protected]

Please pray about the amount of your one time or monthly donation.

Love & Light