AFFIRMATIONS is a juice delivery service, delivering to you fresh juice, smoothie and apple cider vinegar drinks. We promote speaking Life and Health to your body through Affirmations and Action. Our ingredients are juiced immediately for superior taste and for you to experience the highest amount of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Our juice is alkaline therefore it will raise the pH level in your body. A balanced pH (potential of hydrogen) level in your body is very important to experience and maintain health.  If your pH level is below 7, your body is acidic and illness and dis-ease can creep in. Raising your pH level above 7.3 with proper food and nutrition will decrees potential illnesses and dis-ease. Dis-ease cannot live in an alkaline body. It is important to have a balanced pH, not too high and not too low, for optimum health.

We make high nutrition a realistic option for everyone to balance their pH and experience health. Each of our jars contains 1-4 lbs. of fresh vitamin and mineral rich produce. We start our juice with whole organic fruits and vegetables and use a cold-press process to extract every drop of nutrition. No heat is ever used as it can destroy the enzymes and we want to keep your nutrients intact. Juicing v/s eating your fruits and vegetables can be a little more healthier because the nutrients are absorbed right into the blood stream and it also gives your digestive system a rest from digesting fiber.


Stop spending $7.00 a day on high end coffee drinks to boost your energy. Replace them with our yummy nutrient packed juices and smoothies designed by God to NATURALLY boost your energy. These juices will heal your body from the inside out, to have greater effects and better long term health benefits. 




"Health and Wellness is a very important part of my life now. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, I researched a natural way to lower it and found Juice on the go by Affirmations. I have been drinking the apple cider vinegar drinks daily for 3 months and when I went back to the doctor, my doctor said that my blood pressure was lowered and that I did't need medication. I continue with my apple cider vinegar as it is a part of my daily lifestyle."

Alex Gonzales 


"After being diagnosed with breast caner, I researched a health and wellness program because I wanted to be healthy. I found AGoddess Love's Abundant Living on google and she coached me back to health. I followed her wellness treatment plan that consisted of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detoxing. I had to change my diet, forgive people and learn how to love myself. She helped me create healthy boundaries with my family. She taught me that self love is not selfish. Her guidance has helped me turn my life around and I have been cancer free for over a year. I did do chemo and radiation but the effects was not as harsh as others that did not change their diets and heal their emotional trama. I am a member of the weekly deliveries because when I needed nutrition she was there for me juicing  me back to health and I love their whole team. I am an advocate for AGoddess Loves Abundant Living and Juices on the go by Affirmations."

Mary Witmore 


"What I love about Juice on the go by Affirmations, is it's really easy, affordable and accessible. I don't have time to juice in the morning nor do I like it so finding this program was perfect for my lifestyle and budget."

Karen Jones


"For me nutrition needs to be easy and accessibility. I enjoy the delivery service and I love the customer service."

Jordan Rivers


"My friend referred me to Miss AGoddess and after our first conversation, I joined the delivery program. I have no regrets. I had acne really bad and Miss AGoddess helped me with my diet. She explained how my skin was breaking out because of the toxins that was not being released from my system. She helped me to understand how important it was to drink enough water and daily nutrients from juice to flush out my body. She explained the difference between an acidic body and an alkaline body. We tested my pH and found I was acidic and this was one of the reason for my acne. My skin is much clearer because my bowels are now moving really good. I am so happy and I have a lot more energy."

Brianna Herbert