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Supporting Small Businesses 

All it takes is a Vision, a Plan and Action. Being an Entrepreneur begins with the mindset to serve others and to succeed at it. Let's show some love to our small businesses by supporting and shopping with them. 

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AGoddess Hair Ministry

Imagine an atmosphere filled with Love, Laughter, and True Friendship. This is the experience at AGoddess Hair Ministry. We are a talented family-owned Salon that Uplift, Encourages, and brings Positive Energy to the atmosphere. We service multi-cultural hair and specialize in Braids, Weaves, Micro-Link Extensions, Loc's and much more. 

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Ernest Daurham Jr.

Legacy Foundation

The founder and inventor of Leisure Curl. His Life and Legacy continues through his descendants.

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Daurham Hair Products

Our Hair Care Products are exclusively made to hydrate, strengthen and grow your hair. We offer the best corrective treatment products that will also stop your hair from breaking as well as add luster and sheen to it. Shop our variety of products now and start your healthy hair journey today. 

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L.I.G.H.T. Foundation 

Mentoring Academy

The “Virtues of Yashuah” Purity Ball experience is a global movement that forges every young lady the opportunity to make integrity-based decisions. In a world filled with media and social pressures, our daughters have lost the value of self-love, self-respect, and self-worth. L.I.G.HT. Foundation hosts empowerment workshops and Purity Balls for teenage girls to instill back in them self-value and self-worth.