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365 Abundant Living For Women


Abundant Living For Women is for you!

This organization serves as an Elite women's group with the purpose of Helping Women Heal and Empowering them Economically to succeed in all areas of their lives, careers, and business.

As a member, you’ll gain the skills and tools needed to Increase Your Self-esteem, Increase Your Self-Confidence, Rediscover Self-Love, and learn how to live your life from your heart center. This group is filled with like-minded women who practice love, honor and integrity personally and professionally.

Join our SISTERHOOD today and take advantage of our discounts.

The  first level of membership is available for individuals to receive the following:
  • Access to Spiritual Life Coaching 
  • Personal Development Workshops 
  • Monthly Zoom or in-person Group Coaching
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Travel Club
  • Weekly Mountain-top Prayer and Hiking
  • Weekly Outings & Activities
  • Employment and Leadership Opportunities
  • Monthly e-Newsletter to keep you informed, empowered, and inspired
  • Receive daily affirmations to start your day with encouragement and positivity
  • Be Featured in the “New Member Highlight” in our e-Newsletter
  • A chance to make a difference in a young girl’s life in our Youth Mentoring Academy (L.I.G.H.T. Foundation Mentoring Academy) 
  • Receive affiliate discounts on products and services.

The second level of membership is available for entrepreneurs and business owners only. Entrepreneur Members will receive everything our Individual Members receive plus the following:

  • Business Start up Consulting & Coaching (discounted)
  • Be featured as “Entrepreneur of the Month” on our website and e-Newsletter
  • Welcome to participate as a preferred vendor to promote and sell your products at our Annual Retreats and Summits (Does not include vendor fee)
  • Gain Exposure by participating as a speaker by  sharing your talents and knowledge at events and workshops

The third level of membership, members will receive everything our Individual and Entrepreneur Members receive plus the following:
  • Gain more exposure of your business and brand on all of AGoddess Love's platforms through partnership, this allows you to grow your brand along side of AGoddess Love's Abundant Living.

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We understand how busy life can get at times and we understand that sometimes things slip our minds. For your connivence, we now offer a monthly subscription. This is a safe reoccurring monthly payment so that you don't have to go back into the site every month to pay for your membership.

Do you want to be a part of an awesome facebook community of like minded running buddies who share your same values?

Then 365 Abundant Living is for you!

This is a safe space where you can share your revelations and

a-ha-moments without judgement or condemnation. We are here to encourage and empower each other on our transformational journey's.

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Black Women Raw Vegan

Live Food Lifestyle

I just so happen to have been born as what is termed in society "a black women". Although this not my true identity, I am on a quest to educate and encourage black women in changing their diets for better health. I share my story of success and better health in hopes to inspire others to eat better. 

There are numerous studies that prove eating a diet high in plant-based foods benefits your health and reduces your risk of disease by delivering more fiber. There are even more studies that shows a whole food plant-based lifestyle lowers your lifetime risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancers, as well as dropping unwanted weight. Inflammation has been linked to meat, dairy, and especially processed meats. The goal of every woman should be health but in order to experience health you must first lower or eliminate inflammation in your body.

So, rather your journey is to loose weight, feel better in your body or get healthy, we are here to support you! We share recipes, ideas and and tips on how to live a Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

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Black Women Who Travel


Spirit, Mind & Body Wellness 

We are encouraging women of color to leave your backyards and experience abundance through traveling. I have always traveled but not with a large group. What started as a siblings trip in February 2016, after my little brother passed away in a car accident, has now become a women's travel movement for our health, healing and wholeness. Travel is changing the lives of black women one trip at a time.

Our travel group encourages you to share your travel stories and memories with us. The focus of travel is for the wellbeing of each woman, forging them the opportunity to take a journey outside of your comfort zone to truly find yourself. I am a witness that traveling can breathe life into Black women and families creating synergy, connection, beautiful memories and a safe space for healing. 

God created this amazing world, beautiful and abundant for us to see, experience and enjoy. We get one life to live in this lifetime so let's live it to the fullest. Now, book your flight, pack your bags and take a trip somewhere fun!


Divine Connections

Do you want to attract your ideal mate?

Well, we can help!

Divine Connections is a group where we teach you how to "Date with your eyes wide open".  "New book coming soon" STAY TUNED!

This book will help you ask all the right questions while dating so you can ween out non potential prospects. 

We'll help you do your internal work around dating, which will identify any blocks you may have that's keeping you from attracting your ideal mate. This coaching tool will also help you gain clarity around what you are seeking in a mate. 

Our YouTube Channel will interview potential candidates of like mind and spirit for your choosing.