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Abundant Living Travel & Retreats is an experience with the intent of stretching, growing, healing, and enriching women through travel. What started as a sibling's trip in February 2016, after our little brother passed away in a car accident, has now become a women's travel movement for health, healing, and wholeness. Travel is changing the lives of black women/all women, all over the world, one trip at a time.

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Our travel group focuses on the well-being of each traveler, forging them the opportunity to take a journey within themselves to truly find themselves.  Abundant Living Travel & Retreats creates travel experiences that breathe life into women and families creating synergy, connection, beautiful memories, and a safe space for healing. We offer retreat and resort-style vacations  with a full itinerary of fun and adventure (optional)

Let's take advantage of the amazingly beautiful and abundant world that God created for us to enjoy. We get one life to live in this lifetime; so pack your bags and let's live our lives to the fullest.

Why Abundant Living Travel & Retreats?

Abundant Living Travel & Retreats is here to help you discover new places, have amazing experiences, connect with other women travelers, and explore the world together.

We narrow down the travel options to those that are incredibly memorable. For people exhausted by trip planning, we do all the work for you. Abundant Living Travel & Retreats has allowed many of our members the opportunity to travel to destinations they never thought were possible. 

We also offer an itinerary of fun, healing, and relaxation. Our on-site Yoga Instructor, Wellness Practitioner, and Certified Life Coaches are here to assist you on your healing journey. They will teach you how to integrate healthy habits into your everyday lives and travel plans.

Aside from our women's group, we will take care of all your personal travel needs including booking flights, ground transportation, hotel, villa, or Airbnb accommodations, and can craft a personalized itinerary just for you and your family.

As a member, you will enjoy our personal touch and the best that travel has to offer at a rate that you will love.

  • Wellness Travel
  • Morning Yoga and Meditation
  • Daily Fun Activities
  • Transportation Service
  • 4+ Stars Accommodations
  • Personal Coaching and Prayer
  • Wellness for Women Healing Circle
  • Travelers Gift Bags
  • Wellness Products

Mary Simms

My cruise to Jamaica was liberating. I went through a divorce and this group of women helped me forgive and heal. I was surrounded by the beauty of the island, love from other women that went through similar experiences, and laughter that helped ease the pain. I recommend Abundant Living Travel & Retreats. 

Erica Thompson

I had the pleasure of traveling to Hawaii with this group of women and I must say, this was one of the best trips of my life. I travel with these ladies every year because I love their energy, our destinations, and the fun we have together.

Yvette Davis 

I really enjoyed my trip to Jamaica with these ladies. I got a chance to go out of the country for the first time and I just cried. This group of women helped me change my mindset around travel. I always wanted to travel but thought I couldn't afford to it. This Travel Club makes travel so affordable for me and my family when I go solo or on a family vacation. I now consider myself a traveler because I travel with these ladies every year to different countries and I love it. I always go expecting something great and always leave with even better than great. Thank you to the Abundant Living Team, I love you guys!

Terri Chapman

AGoddess and Marcia are amazing life coaches. They helped me focus on what was important to me in life. They took me through different exercises to get to the core of my issues. I was shocked at what came up for me. I got back home and implemented what I learned at the retreat and my life is so different in a great way. I will be traveling with these ladies every year.

Barbara Jean

I recommend Abundant Living Travel and Retreats to all like-minded women. I had such a great time in Costa Rica. I was able to work through my fears and overcome some obstacles in my life. I had an opportunity to relax, reflect, and release people and things that did not serve my life. I learned how to be true to myself and take care of myself first. The information I received was priceless. I now love the life I'm living. All women need this!

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